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feature-bg August 29, 2022

Regular Scheduled Shipping

Warehousing and transporting goods, we provide combined service. If you store any amount of goods in any of our warehouses more than 2 months, then we will give you 20% of that amount of goods or 2 times which ever is earlier, free transportation to your end destination, upto 500km for first 3 years.

After first 3 years, permanently 10% amount of goods or 1 free transportation services will be provided to all customers who reserve warehouse space for minimum 2 months. For every 2 months there after, free transportation service scheme of same will be applied for upto 500km distance.

If you book space for 12 months, we will give first two months rent free but you will get only 10 free transportation services per year for first 3 years n then 5 free transportation per year permanently upto 500km distance.