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Our continuous offers of logistics management service and supply chain. Best in class warehouse facilities and full supply chain management at the cheapest price


On time delivery

To compete with on-line stores’ all off-line stores need continuous replenishment of their sold out product whole day out. Our modern fully modern warehouse-retailing integration management will replenish the retailers’ sold out product continuous, for big stores 5 times a day and for medium and small size shops 3 times a day.


Glocal (-Global local) Service

We will give off-line local retailers, suppliers and dealers an on-line shoppers level product supply chain  management. The moment one product sold out in any retailer’s end, an immediate replenishment order will be generated at dealers or suppliers warehouse and after confirmation from retailers a dispatch order and scheduled delivery time will be generated within next one hour and will be delivered to retailers shop floor in next couple of hours.

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Welcome to the Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the services and products that we provide. We are determined to take India's warehouse and storage capacity qualitatively and quantitatively to world class level. Obviously we will make all Indians life better by providing sufficient storage of all their requirements and make many Indians substantially richer by giving opportunity to get very high return by investing directly in all type of logistics storage and warehouse business.

All the warehouses will be managed, maintained and serviced with the world's best technology in warehouse robotics, IoT- Internet of things, Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain solutions. Our objective is to give all Indian traders, shippers and retailers a complete freedom from storage and warehousing related burden.

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Market Aspirations


With legacies of conventional warehousing fulfillment and rigid 3PL partnerships rendered obsolete, companies are increasingly evaluating the efficiencies of on-demand warehousing as a cost-effective and flexible business solution.

With steady surge in demand from the third party logistics companies, net absorption in the country’s warehousing market is expected to touch a record high this year. Net absorption in 2022 to grow to a record 42.5 million square-feet (sq.ft.) - up 17 per cent from the pre-COVID highs of 36.3 million sq.ft. in 2019, said the global real estate services firm JLL.

Our Mission

To Give Indian warehousing an international level technology up-gradation. To add sufficient qualitative warehousing facility to all the consumers’ need and all the products produced in our country,   from farmers’ produce to manufacturers’ products. To give all the off-line retailers, distributors and stockists the most cost effective and on-line stores’ level efficient warehousing facilities and services.

Our Vision

Aggregate all warehouses of all sizes,  small, medium, big, super big and all types,  private or public etc into one platform Give options to off-line traders, retailers and stockists to find the most cost effective storage options in its surrounding places.Help off-line retailers to get replenish their sold out stocks continuously at the most efficient way to win over the customers  from the on-line stores by their varieties and price



Our inhouse developer and researchers always strive to bring the next generation technology to customers, so that they can get strength to defeat on-line giant stores in product varieties and price.

Competing with on-line shopping giant stores in terms of quality warehousing and supply chain management gives no space for complacency in our endeavor to bring the most modern solutions to our off-line retailers and distributors customers.

We are fully committed to our quality of technology and services for our customers all the time.

Our fully dedicated well trained highly skilled alway strive to maintain all the commitment to our customers.

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